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Shoe Lover puzzle game
Shoe LoverTM (iOS app) for iPhone, iPad.
Puzzle challenge game.
Go to Apple App Store and look for:

Play Shoe Lover puzzle game app iOS

Move Around Shoes of the Same Color.

It's very challenging to solve the puzzles.
Try to beat your friends scores.
It's a perfect game to play when you're bored.

If you like puzzle games that have a time limit and challenges,
-- then this is for you.

The objective is to move around quads of shoes
and put them in quads of four, or lines, or groups.

There is always something new to challenge you every level.
Genre: Games    Version: 1.0    Released April 15, 2015

World News and Entertainment

App for: Economics, Sports, Entertainment

World News

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Shake To Call 911
Emergency 911 call App
(use only in case of emergency)
Everyone with an Android phone should have this.
If you are ever in a situation where you don't want to talk,
 but want the operator to hear what's going on around you,
 (you can talk if you choose to) they will know where you are.
Then this is for you. And it's FREE and no inside ads or commercials.

shake phone to call 911  911 emergency calls shake phone
This is our public service app for you, Free!
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